Fan Voted Story: Part 3

Hello everybody!

It’s been a long time coming but Part 3 of my Fan Voted Story is here!

The winning suggestion from last time was made by Mandibelle16. Thank you for the suggestion that the ring was dark magic and there were consequences for using it.

If you need to catch up on the story, feel free to go back on the Evan Elias section of the Living Author’s Society page. While you’re at it, feel free to check some of the other authors as well, they’re very talented.

As always, please comment down below about what you think should happen and what you thought. The winning comment will dictate where the story goes from here!

Now, without further ado, let the story continue…

I cannot believe I am doing this…

Kayla stepped forward, past the broken and burning police barricades and twisted the ring on her pinky as she walked. Its surface began to glow a bright red as she did so, with strange symbols appearing from within the wrought iron coils of the ring and floating above her hand. She stared at the symbols, feeling a mixture of shock and relief.

This thing’d have to do something like that or I really would be crazy.

“Hey, you, stop! Are you crazy?” Someone from behind called, almost mirroring her thoughts.

A hand grabbed Kayla’s shoulder, whipping her around. The policeman with the megaphone from earlier had apparently run after her, chasing her down before she could throw away her life in an apparent bout of insanity. His eyes widened as he saw her hand, which was now covered in a shiny, obsidian-black, colored shell, the same color of the symbols that were now flying around her like a swarm of flies.

“What in the hell?”

He stepped back, eying Kayla warily, and grasped his gun tighter in his grip. The bone colored beast behind them seemed to be watching her now too. It had stopped its attacks and was now staring at her. Almost, expectantly.

Kayla however, was in ecstasy. As more and more black symbols swarmed out of the ring, enveloping her in an armor of cool, comforting darkness. Her wounds no longer bothered her, and a sense of overwhelming power began to fill her.

She could do anything now. Everything around her now seemed lesser, insignificant. Even the monstrosity behind her seemed inconsequential, much less the feeble looking man in blue in front of her, nervously fingering his flimsy weapon.

She laughed, turning away from him and facing the beast once more. Perhaps she would have fun with that instead. It seemed like it’d make a more interesting opponent than the cowards behind her, shouting and crying out behind her. The last couple of symbols trickled slowly out of the ring, floating leisurely up through the air and took their place amongst their fellows. The symbols stretched and contorted as they landed on her head, forming a menacing looking helmet. The helmet seemed a mix of a hyena and wolf, with its snarling lupine form.

Kayla laughed once more at the sense of overwhelming power. She was complete! The beast in front of her seemed to think so too. It roared, and bounded forward. Inside her helmet, Kayla grinned a feral grin and roared right back at it. She extended her arms either side of her and glossy black claws extended from her fingertips.  Flexing her new claws, she dashed forward to meet the beast in front of her, slashing out as its massive form met hers.

A deep gash appeared in the flesh beneath her claws as she raked it across the beast’s face, showering her in bright red ichor. Another roar rang around them, shaking dust off the ground and shattering some of the nearby windows.

If the arachnoid beast was only annoyed before, it was furious now. As blood dripped from its wound, it slammed one of its many legs into her, propelling her through the air and slamming her into a broken display of a clothing store. Kayla, however, was unhurt. She grinned again and tossed the headless torso of a mannequin off her. She made to her feet slowly, feeling every bit the predator as she hopped out of the rubble and landed, crouching, on the sidewalk.

She cocked her head, swiping her claws against the charred curb beneath her, etching deep claw marks in a cloud of sparks and called out playfully to the beast.

“All right, Spidy? Is that all you got? All that size doesn’t really amount to much, does it?”

The beast snarled, flames spilling out of its gullet. It shot a barrage of fire at Kayla and scuttled towards her behind a wall of fire.

The fire billowed out in front of Kayla, a veritable curtain woven from the fires of hell. She growled and dove through it. The flames licked at her armor, leaving her feeling unbearably hot but the feeling soon passed as she left the wall behind her. In front of her, the beast hesitated, shocked at her sudden appearance and that she had been seemingly unharmed by the fire.

Kayla took full advantage of the beast’s momentary lapse in concentration, bounding forward and sliced right through one of the beast’s legs, quickly following up with another slash with her other hand, ripping another leg off the beast. Recovered from shock now, the beast struck out with one of its remaining legs in an attempt to bat her away. Expecting it now, Kayla deftly dodged aside and sliced the leg off as it whipped passed her. The leg flopped around on the ground for a moment, the fingers on the grotesque hand at the end of it clenching before falling still.

The beast was whimpering now, attempting to scuttle away backwards on the few legs remaining to it. Kayla laughed, dodging another defensive strike and doing away with that leg too. The monster only had legs on one side of it now as it desperately tried to drag itself away from the small black demon in front of it. Kayla strode forward, calmly slicing off leg after leg, until all that was left was the whimpering torso of a human faced spider. It’s many eyes stared at her helplessly, the red pupils dilating. It was crying now, looking at her in a beastly plea for mercy.

Unmoved, Kayla stepped forward, grasping at its head with one hand and slid her other so far into the beast’s chest cavity that her shoulder was covered in gore. She tore her hand out, and the monster let out a squelching gasp before it’s head flopped to the side, lifeless.

Kayla roared to the heavens, arms raised to the heavens, then turned back towards the line of police officers. They were reorganized now, and a line of guns were facing her now. The men and women were grim faced, yet resolute. Above them, the blades of an attack helicopter beat a steady rhythm in the air.

Kayla took a step forward.

To be continued…

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