Fan-Voted Story: Part 4

What? It’s back?

Yes, that’s right! Part 4 of the Fan-Voted Story is back with a vengeance.

Unfortunately, no one voted last time, so I continued on my own. So, if you want to help shape the story about what is going to happen to Kayla, please vote down below. If you like someone’s suggestion, like it! I’ll choose the highest voted suggestion or, if there isn’t one, the suggestion that I like best.

If you want to catch up with the story, please go to the Evan Elias section of the Living Author’s Society page.

Back to the action!

A single gunshot rang out, smoke trailing out from the barrel of the pistol held by the police sergeant in charge of the situation. In order to diffuse the situation, he had fired it into the air.

“Stand down and put your weapon….uh, de-armor and get on your knees with your hands behind your head. Repeat, stand down and de-armor and get on your knees with your hands behind your head.”

Kayla ignored the voice, insignificant as it was. He had the gall to order her around? She could crush them as easily as they would an ant on the sidewalk.

Their toys won’t do them any good either. She thought, eying up the helicopter in the air with a lick of her lips.

With a swish of her hands, she shook the gore off of her claws, splattering it onto the asphalt below her and strode towards the line of police.

“Halt, de-armor and get on your knees with your hands on your head. This is your final warning. We will open fire if you do not cease and desist.”

The noise evaporated as blood started humming in Kayla’s ears. Her vision ran red as she eyed up the line. They had fixed most of the barriers that the dead arachnid behind her had destroyed and reinforcements had obviously arrived while she was fighting. Several SWAT teams worth of me were dotted around the line, their clear shields blocking some other officers from sight.

Who should I go for first? The black demon pondered, her eyes scrolling down the line, eying up potential prey.

 Mister-Megaphone over there has been getting on my last nerves. Maybe he’d like it if I shoved that thing so far up his-

Her train of thought was interrupted as a barrage of bullets thudded into her armor, creating a cascade of orange sparks that rained down alongside bullet shells to the street below. None of the bullets had penetrated her armor, but the near constant barrage pushed her back. She snarled and attempted to push forward, making towards the line with dogged determination, pushing against the current of bullets. Just beyond the streaks of bullets, she could see the white faces of the frightened officers now. She could almost hear their rapid heartbeats, as their bodies screamed at them to run.

The demon had to admit, it was admirable that the worms managed to curb their fears to hold position against a being so far their superior.

Brave, but foolish. You cannot stop me!

The power flowing through her veins felt divine. She was unstoppable. A god. It felt better than any other high she’d ever felt. Her head felt light. She laughed and dashed forwards, zig-zagging up the street to avoid the counter-fire.  B

Just wait, I’ll give you something to be scared of. She thought, derisively looking at their frightened faces as she gained ground, projectiles whizzing past her.

The bullets had become more sporadic. Glancing over to the line, the black demon laughed gleefully. Most of the officers had paused to reload their guns, with a few officers who had some ammo left attempting to cover their fellows.

Now was her chance!

She dashed forwards, claws outstretched, eager to taste blood. Instead, she met face-first with an explosion. The attack helicopter had launched an explosive of some kind, blasting a huge hole in the pavement and sending Kayla flying backwards in a cloud of fire and debris. She landed halfway down the street, flat on her back, with a line of buildings staring down at her from either side of the street.

The sound of sirens, blades of the helicopter and shouting voices of the police came rushing back. The delicious rush of power that she had been feeling faded away, leaving a feeling of emptiness and a sense of loss in its place. Her armor was retreating off of her body and disappearing down through her right arm, flowing into the ring like water down a drain.

Along with the return of proper-sound, pain that Kayla didn’t know she was feeling made itself known. She could feel some loose bits of jagged asphalt digging into her back.  Her ribs felt broken and blood was dripping down her face and mixed with her tears that were streaming from her eyes. Together with the return of pain, her other senses came back as well. The memories of her fight were fresh in her mind. She could still feel the flesh of the spider splitting beneath her claws and its pleading face it had sent her struck out in her mind. She could also remember facing the police, and looking at them as if they were prey.

What did I do?

She tried to sit up but a spasm of pain sent her back to the ground. She heaved a sob, only to break off into a coughing fit as her chest ached when she breathed. The pain was so intense that the edges of her vision began to black off as blue clothed officers began to edge around her nervously, keeping a tight grip on their weapons.

One of the officers spoke into the radio receiver at his shoulder.

“Roger, she’s down.”

Kayla’s vision began to swim in front of her eyes, whether it was from her tears or merely from her injuries, she couldn’t say. The reply from the radio was distant, as if coming from a long tunnel. Kayla wasn’t able to make it out.

In reply to whatever was said, the officer’s face was suddenly close up, and she felt some fingers at her neck, checking for a pulse.

“What? Yeah, she’s alive. Requesting a medical team to pick her up ASAP, she doesn’t look good.”

The other officers with him were eying her with hostility and fear, some of them muttering something to each other.

“I’m so sorry,” Kayla attempted to say to them, only to end up choking on her blood and descend into another spiral of spasming coughs.

The last thing Kayla could remember before passing out was the officer on the radio turning away to welcome a man and woman with a stretcher that rushed out from another helicopter that had landed nearby.

To Be Continued…

Remember to vote on what you want to happen below!

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