In days before the rise of the sun, they danced in the endless shadows. Her laugh rang out and became the eldest star, burning brighter than any other.

And when the world was forged, they raced along the burning fragments, singing as the magma cooled and the mountains rose.

Then they were split asunder as the great oceans formed, barriers that could not be passed. He sat upon a high rock as the first flowers unfurled their petals, his eyes wet with tears. She bestrode valleys, her sorrow like a cloud.

The first people made their stumbling steps and she was there to greet them. She taught them the ways of the beasts, the sharpness of stone, and the roar of the fire, but always her days were filled with the memories of him.

The people made boats, crude barges of wood tossed by bitter waves. She wept at the sight. after an eternity of loneliness, she could know him again.

She felled mighty trees and lashed them together, setting forth across the churning sea.

The wind was fair and the sun bright as she set foot on unknown soil, the sea behind her.

He was waiting for her.

Word Count: 199

This is for Sunday Photo Fiction. Thanks to C.E. Ayr for the prompt photo!

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