The Woman in the Water


The sun shone in the clear sky; the sea was a shimmering mirror of flat blue-green; the beach was a crescent stretch of empty white sand, swept by a soft wind.

Jean couldn’t have imagined a more boring day. She sat at her station, twirling her lanyard and whistle between her fingers.

Then she heard a cry echoing over the waters and grabbed her binoculars.

A lone figure bobbed up and down in the water, her white dress soaked, black hair clinging to her face.

Jean ran to her canoe and paddled out swift as she could. Breathing heavily, her face pale and her eyes wide, the young woman grabbed Jean’s hand and was hauled aboard, falling in a shivering, shaking wreck.

“Are you all right?” Jean asked. “What happened?”

“Ship,” the woman muttered. “The ship’s under attack.”

“What ship?”

The woman looked up.

“The Mary Celeste.”

Word Count: 147

This is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and TJ Paris for providing the prompt photo!

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