Getting What He Deserved


The captain didn’t see the yacht until it was too late. A horn blared, somebody screamed, and then the ships collided, wood splintering as the pale prow of the yacht chewed through it. It ground to a halt, a hole gaping in its hull.

“Lifeboats and floatation devices!” the captain called to her crew. “Now!”

Flames licked at the deck of the yacht. A man slumped over the wheel,  bottle in hand.

A drunkard who sunk her ship.

She clambered onto the deck and picked him up. He looked at her with glazed, bleary eyes.

The fire reached the fuel.

She shoved him into the water. There was a roar, heat on her neck.

Then nothing.

The man was pulled into a lifeboat. He stared silently at the burning wreck.

“I didn’t deserve that,” he whispered.

Someone put a firm hand on his shoulder.

“Then make sure you do.”

Word Count: 148

This is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and BarbCT for providing the prompt photo!

This was a really hard one to fit into 150 words.

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