A Door the Colours of the Sea


Grandmother had a door painted in all the colours of the sea – from blue to green to grey – and it was always locked with a chain of unbreaking iron.

They said that she had wrestled with the god of the waters and bound him with iron, stone, and wood – a three-fold charm.

When I pressed my ears against the wood, I could hear the ocean – the crash of surf driven endlessly against the cliffs, the cry of lonely birds over grey waves, and the soft whisper of a cold sea breeze.

This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge and Bogdan Dada for providing the prompt photo!

5 thoughts on “A Door the Colours of the Sea

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  1. It’s a beautiful picture for this week and I love the story you wove around it giving Grandmother a supernaturalness to her granddaughter. Very compelling story.

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