The Other Side of the Sea


When she was a girl, she dreamed of the things beyond the ocean, of strange shores and high-turretted castles, of pirates’ treasures buried deep, of mermaid kingdoms in the deep where men rode upon seahorses and blew horns of seashells.

The world told her there was no magic, no joy, no wonder, only more grey, bleak reality at the other side of the sea.

Yet some days, when she watched the light catch the waves and heard the calls of the gulls, she thought the world had it wrong.

For Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge and Jeremy Bishop for providing the prompt photo!

3 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Sea

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  1. This was a really wonderful post! Enjoyed it so much!! I’m with you but I think you were a little to gentle with the world, My Dear! You should have told the Whole Truth – The World Lies!! Ha!
    Come visit me???

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