Dangerous Little Words


Two lords sat in the tavern amidst roaring laughter.

“They’re hanging Lady Mara on Friday,” Lord Corentin said. “She was a treacherous hag, but still, I’ll miss her.”

Erwan shook his head. “She was bent as a longbow, but I can’t believe they got her.”

Corentin sighed. “It’s the Spider. His little notes slipping into everything. He told the King about her part in that little affair back in November.”

“The attempted assassination?”

“That’s the one.”

A serving girl hovered near the table. “Another drink, my lords?”

“At least one more,” Corentin said.

“And perhaps,” Erwan said, “a little smile from a beautiful girl.”

The girl smiled and poured the drinks.

“You know,” Erwan whispered to Corentin, “it’s a good thing the spider didn’t mention the part you played in that ‘little affair.'”

When she was behind the bar, the girl pulled out a tiny scroll and began to write.

Word Count: 150

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Goroyboy for providing the prompt photo!

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