The ramshackle place the Professor lived was more garden than house, ivy-coated and sprouting mushrooms. The village called him Professor, though it was years since he’d taught. He was odd – a stranger living as a neighbour.

But one night he was in the pub, trading seeds for beer and Ted the farmer decided to indulge him.

“What sort of seeds are they?” Ted asked.

“Those,” the Professor said, “are Moon Trees. Gravity won’t bow their branches and their fruit glows with moonlight.”

At his field’s edge, Ted planted the seeds.

Silver leaves sprouted with the next full moon.

Word Count: 98

This is for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for running the challenge and Ronda Del Boccio for providing the prompt photo!

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  1. I had to look up “moon trees” on seeing this, just to see if there was such a thing.

    FYI…Wikipedia talks about 500 seeds carried up with the Apollo 14 mission, and then planted (450 sprouted), mostly throughout the US, around the 1976 bicentennial. According to the locations of only 77 are currently documented. There is one in Tallahassee, FL, a loblolly pine, one at the White House, and one in Japan. They grew, apparently, just as well as control plants left behind on Earth!:)

    I like your idea better, though.:)

    I love this character. “A stranger, living as a neighbor” is quite intriguing.

    The idea of silver leaves makes me think of my daughter, the gardener, when she was fascinated with night gardens, anything blooming at night, or colored so as to pick up the softer light of the moon. I understand they were quite popular with Goths. She had a moon flower for a time, much like a common morning glory, only white, that blooms at night. And silver-leaved plants are such a fine addition to a garden, so muted and understated, almost a metallic contrast to commoner bright colors..

    I also love the “ramshackle place,” the house that “is” a garden. sorry so long.:)

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    1. Thank you! No worries about the reply being long – I love seeing people react to things I’ve written. Feel free to leave replies as long as you like!
      It only occurred to me after writing that moon trees might be a real thing, so I’m glad they’re not some common species that I’d forgotten. That would have been embarrassing.

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