Places to Visit After the End of the World


If you ever find yourself near the Cinder, the Museum of What Was is a must see. Marvel at the recreations of this bygone world. Weep when you see the remnants of this noble civilization, reduced to ash in a single afternoon.

We have in our collection numerous objects of interest to the discerning traveller. Taste a replications of the humans’ sacred drink, which they believed gave them wings! See their many household gods, taking forms as varied as bat-men, dogs crowned with rings, and cloth banners! Participate in human games where players fought to the death over a leather ball! Take a look at our reconstruction of the human holy city, where the priests of the mouse god presided over pilgrims from their tall castle.

All this and more with an afternoon ticket to the Museum of What Was! (Reduced prices for 4D-war veterans and patrons over 3000 years old.)

Word Count: 150

This is for FFfAW. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Yinglan for providing the prompt photo!

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    1. Thank you! The museum is located on the Cinder, which was once the thriving third world from its sun. The primary life forms were very odd almost-hairless primates until they brought about their own destruction.
      Streaming options are available, but can only be experienced by beings whose twelfth sense is fully developed.

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