An Apology and a Refresh

I apologize for yet another long absence – I was engaged in a project that took a lot of my writing time and my energy. My hope is to rejuvenate the blog a little and to that end I have updated the theme and tweaked the “About” and “Published Stories” pages that have been long outdated.

The updated “Published Stories” list:


“Gaslit” by J.A. Prentice

Published in Crooked Teeth Lit Magazine‘s “Fall of the City” and available here on the LAS Blog!

A pathologist stitches together bodies and stories on a gaslit London night…


“The Girl Who Stole the Sun” by J.A. Prentice

Published in Triangulation: Dark Skies

In a time before the years were numbered, on a moonless night when all the land was an ink-black sea, Leida was born…


“Bright Young Thing” by J.A. Prentice

Available to read on Swords and Sorcery Magazine

Faraj beheld Death and was unafraid.

She could feel its breath upon her neck. It was in the cloying curls of sweet assaji, the dream-flower, drifting through the tent in an intoxicating cloud. It was in the great fans rising and falling like the wings of hunting eagles, held by impassive servant girls, their thin white silks glowing in the firelight. It was in the Khan’s golden eyes, the scars that rippled over his bare, muscled arms and chest, the soft thunder of his voice.


“The Lazarus Riddle” by J.A. Prentice

Available to read on Crimson Streets

Riddle me this…How does a self-proclaim messiah get shot point-blank in the chest in front of multiple witnesses, be pronounced dead by the medical examiner, and laid in-state, suddenly get over his death?  Is Cavan Bishop really the Messiah resurrected?  The woman who shot him swears she shot him “proper”, yet he’s appeared in flesh and blood once again.  It was up to PC Tara Connor and the mysterious consultant Victoria Burton to crack the seemingly impossible case.  Whatever you think the answer is, you won’t be right.

(Art by Tim Soekkah)


“Sign of the Rose” by J.A. Prentice

Available to read on Crimson Streets

“Someone’s coming for us,” Calvin said as he sat down opposite Algernon Brook’s padded brown armchair, searching the shadows behind the looming bookcases in the study as though they might hide paper-thin assassins. “They killed Cameron and we’re next.”  

(Art by L.A. Spooner)


I hope to be a bit more active from now on (and to have some exciting news sooner rather than later…)

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