Death Blooming

In the center of the plaza, Cara watched the glass flower flutter.

It was the last of its kind. The last living thing from that world, gleaming and beautiful. Everything else had burned.

She remembered watching from orbit as the atmosphere turned to fire. It was still burning now. You could see it, out amongst the stars.

Cara remembered those who burned with it, a people turned to ash.

The flower bloomed. White spores took to the sky and the crowds laughed and cheered.

They didn’t know the spores were poisonous.

Cara watched the spores drift down and said nothing.

Word Count: 100

This is for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for running the challenge and David Stewart for providing the photo prompt!


33 thoughts on “Death Blooming

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    1. I think she’s committing suicide, but it’s up for interpretation. If the reader wants to think she’s out of the danger zone, then she can be.
      Thanks for commenting!


  1. I wonder if Cara was also from the destroyed planet, like the plant? I can’t say that I blame her for saying nothing. Her world is gone and she will soon be gone as well. Have you ever seen Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind?

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    1. I love Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind! It wasn’t an intentional influence here, but I can see the similarities.
      My intention was that Cara was a soldier who participated in destroying the world but was now tortured by the guilt of it, but I think there’s enough space in the story for the reader to give her whatever backstory they like.

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