Laughing at Poseidon

We have built a city to defy the waters, of brick and wood and stone, a labyrinth above the dark waves.

But the water is patient. The water was here before we climbed out of it, breathing laboured breaths on that first shore, and it shall be here when we are gone and all our monuments are swallowed by the sea.

This is for Three Line Tales 241. Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge and Sam Mouat for providing the prompt photo!

Side Note: My audio drama episode “The Undying Truth” just came out from Big Finish Productions and I am very happy about that. You can read more details/buy the boxset here if you’re interested.

5 thoughts on “Laughing at Poseidon

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    1. It’s licensed by the BBC. Big Finish have been doing Doctor Who audio drama content since 2001, most of it with the actors from the show. Not fan fiction. (Not that there’s anything wrong with fan fiction.)
      Thanks for commenting!

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      1. I’m a Doctor Who fan (refuse to use Whovian) 😄 but I always struggle to settle on the best way to listen to audio. When it was just itunes I had a process now it’s too frustrating.


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