When she closes her eyes, she can still hear the drip of the transfusion, can feel the needle piercing her skin. She muttered for them to stop, but they kept going, pressing on with their violation.

Their blood is in her veins now, pumping through her heart like a poison. She thinks she can feel it, a wrongness inside her.

The room reeks of garlic. The little dutchman has put it everywhere. He has a killer’s eyes. He will kill her, if she lets him.

An old wolf howls, out in the night, and she feels its pain.

This is for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for running the challenge and Dale Rogerson for providing the prompt photo!

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34 thoughts on “Lucy

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    1. Thanks!

      The story is a take on Dracula. Lucy Westenra is Dracula’s victim in the novel. Van Helsing (the “little dutchman”) tries to save her through blood transfusions and putting garlic around her room, but Dracula keeps coming and feeding on her. Lucy dies, but comes back as a vampire. Van Helsing and co kill her by stabbing her through the heart and cutting off her head.

      I wanted to do the story from a different perspective. In retrospect I should have made it easier to understand for readers who aren’t familiar with the original.

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