Here’s some information on our authors:

Evan Elias is a 24 year old male college student who hopes to balance his love of writing and stories with his other numerous ambitions. His current goal in life is to teach English in Japan and to become a published author.
He enjoys writing fantasy and science fiction novels and isn’t afraid of trying new things.

Jaden Kilmer grew up partly in California and partly in Western Massachusetts. It was in the rural, history-rich landscape of Massachusetts where he first met his two loves. Writing and history. He dabbles in multiple genres, including science-fiction, ghost stories, contemporary, historical, and murder mysteries. He’s currently a college student with degrees in Snark and Sarcasm. His first novel is a sci-fi called Desolation and Other Escapes. His influences include Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, Ridley Pearson, Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Dashiell Hammett, and Scott Westerfield.

Joshua Adam Prentice was born in the United Kingdom, grew up in the Bay Area, and  currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Francisco State University in 2017. His work has been published by Crimson Streets, Swords and Sorcery Magazine, Triangulation: Dark Skies, and others. He is also the author of the Big Finish audio drama “The Undying Truth.” Contact him at j.a.prenticewrites@gmail.com!

Philip Jean Kilmer was raised in the South Side of Stockton, California. His interest in writing began early in the third grade, and he has stuck with it ever since, finishing his first novel (which will, of course, need serious revamping) in the fifth grade. He writes genre fiction, fantasy, and supernatural stories, spanning from medieval to contemporary times. Currently, he is working on his vampire series, the Serenity Rose Anthology.

Bree Jalique lives in California. She writes often and forgets she ever started something in the first place. She has several projects she is currently working on with the intent on finishing each and every one of them eventually. She loves writing about anything and enjoys reading about pretty much anything. As of now, she is currently the only female author in Living Author’s Society.

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