I wrote this story maybe, two years ago? As a horror fanatic I thought I should share it. I love all things scary and spooky and October is the best month for it.  TW: Gore & mild sexual themes.  “I’m hungry,” She clenched the crook of his arm tightly. Her face held an unpleasant pallor... Continue Reading →

Of Dark Arts

Growing up, I was always shadowed behind the greatness of my family. My mother was known for her cruelty, her mercilessness, and her dark beauty. My father was known to be sadistic, furious, and his unyielding power. My sister was known for her dark sultry power, her nefarious and wicked ways, and her ability to... Continue Reading →

About Bree

My range of writing tends to branch out everywhere. I'm inspired by everything and sometimes my inspiration leads me writing different stories which results in several unfinished novels. Most of my stories are based off of continuous dreams I have. I write mostly science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural.I make most of my main characters people... Continue Reading →

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