Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Guess what, guys? After an extremely long hiatus, I swear I still actually write. It's just all editing novels that I can't post here. This is a writing exercise for class to create conflict using just physical detailing. No plot, tells, or author interpretations. It's a good exercise for people to try out... to better your writing... Continue Reading →

A Masquerade for the Damned

In whirlwind circles, hand in hand with their partners, the dancers danced to the the song of violins arguing with flutes, and a heartbeat drum collaborating up with tambourines. To the untrained eye, the ballroom was chaos, but in reality, the dance floor was a perfect orchestration, the dancers the marionettes and the music the... Continue Reading →

The Inbetween

Here's another short, free flow piece of writing to keep the Halloween spirit going. Also I have been told by a fellow blog runner that if a piece of bad language to specify just in case we have younger viewership... So yeah. Language warning? ************************************************************************************************* A thick fog came without warning, as if it had... Continue Reading →

A Note to My Future Self

Another piece that started off as a school assignment. I am considering sending this in for possibly publishing, and maybe even continuing the story if the feedback on this is good. ******************************************************************************************************** They sat in the grass right outside of their last class, soaking up the sun before it disappeared behind the trees while other students went... Continue Reading →

The Day She Left

Another piece from another class. And a little different than what I've posted before. The Day She Left He awoke hours before the sun did. The sharp breeze rolled in through his window and brushed against his raised skin. In a hurry, he threw on warm clothes, crept down the stairs, walked five blocks, snuck... Continue Reading →

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