In a Darkened Room II

So I've decided to continue with the piece of flash fiction I posted the other day with small, page long updates to the story until I feel that it has concluded. I'll probably post one every few days. Maybe once a week. Be sure to check out the original page of "In a Darkened Room"... Continue Reading →

In a Darkened Room

As my fellow living authors on this blog know, short fiction and short stories are not my specialty. But here is my crack at it. Had an idea, and just wrote it out. So let me know if you like it. Or hate it. *********************** Arid darkness cumulated inside the cellar walls of the old... Continue Reading →


I had yet to share any of my writing onto this blog (or to get back to work on it after recovering from a surgery), and am unable to share a full short story with this page. But this is a scene that came to me one day that I will hopefully be able to... Continue Reading →

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