Byzantium- Movie Review

DISCLAIMER: I have a very different opinion on this movie than my fellow Living Author, Philip. Saoirse Ronan has finally made herself known to movie buffs around the country with her Golden Globe nomination for best actress for Brooklyn, with plenty of Oscar buzz building. While I was not too thrilled with the movie, as you... Continue Reading →

Brooklyn- Movie Review

I've just got home about five minutes ago from a double feature at the theater. I saw both Brooklyn and Spotlight, two movies getting tons of Oscar buzz, but flying under the radar at the box office. (There was a grand total of 22 people watching each film combined, counting me.) I'm going to do two separate reviews... Continue Reading →

The Martian- Movie Review(s)

On Friday, both Joshua (JA Prentice) and I went to see Ridley Scott's The Martian in theatres. I had read the book, (and wrote a review about it!) he had not. We do, however, both love science-fiction and critiquing things. After a brief odyssey involving the world's most specifically placed and inconveniently timed traffic-jam which forced us to watch... Continue Reading →

Ex Machina- Review

Singularity is nothing new in the world of sci-fi. The idea of humans creating a machine with artificial intelligence so powerful as to be indistinguishable from human processing is something my personal heroes, Philip K Dick and Isaac Asimov, wrote about rather often. It seems a particularly popular subject right now, as two highly well... Continue Reading →

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