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What? It’s back?

Yes, that’s right! Part 4 of the Fan-Voted Story is back with a vengeance.

Unfortunately, no one voted last time, so I continued on my own. So, if you want to help shape the story about what is going to happen to Kayla, please vote down below. If you like someone’s suggestion, like it! I’ll choose the highest voted suggestion or, if there isn’t one, the suggestion that I like best.

If you want to catch up with the story, please go to the Evan Elias section of the Living Author’s Society page.

Back to the action!



Hello everybody!

It’s been a long time coming but Part 3 of my Fan Voted Story is here!

The winning suggestion from last time was made by Mandibelle16. Thank you for the suggestion that the ring was dark magic and there were consequences for using it.

If you need to catch up on the story, feel free to go back on the Evan Elias section of the Living Author’s Society page. While you’re at it, feel free to check some of the other authors as well, they’re very talented.

As always, please comment down below about what you think should happen and what you thought. The winning comment will dictate where the story goes from here!

Now, without further ado, let the story continue…


In the Morning

Posted: March 12, 2017 by Evan Elias in Scene, Short Story, Uncategorized, Writing Exercise

Hello everyone, it’s been a very long time since I’ve last posted but I’m back! I plan on uploading more regularly too, now, so please check out my stuff and, if you like what you see, come on back.

A quick heads up: The next part of my fan voted story will be released soon, so check back on my older posts to find part 1 and 2. The direction of the fan story is decided upon by you, the readers. So if you’ve been disappointed with stories in the past, this is your chance to choose where the story goes. More detailed instructions are on Part 1 and will be on the incoming Part 3.

As for this post, it’s a small experiment in present tense writing style for me as well as a way to get back into writing things on the blog, so it might not be your cup of tea. Regardless, feel free to leave your comments to let me know what you thought of it.

– E


Being Human

Posted: September 10, 2016 by Bree Jalique in Scene
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She was human, wasn’t she? She had memories of her mother, her father. She remembered the time where her older sister pushed her when they were skateboarding and she had rolled down the cement hill with her leg bleeding. Her sister, Willa, had hugged her and sobbed that she was sorry as her grubby hands tried to wipe the blood away. Eliza still had the scar on her knee; the twisted pattern of silvery lines across her brown skin. Yet, she was human right? These memories, these feelings, her appearance. All of it was human. Right?

“What are you.” Her mother breathed out horrified. She was holding Eliza’s little brother to her chest, her body hunched over him as if to protect him.

“It’s me.” Eliza pleaded. “Mom it’s me.” Even as she said this though, Eliza didn’t feel like herself. There were bright, luminescent lines spiraling around her body. It started with her middle fingers, twisting around and up her arms and shoulders, and up her collar bone, up her neck to rest at her temples. There were dots sprinkled across her face like freckles, but they flickered like lights.

“I don’t know you. I only have two children.” Her mom pleaded, hugging little Kent closer to her. Eliza couldn’t understand why her mother was saying such things. She was her daughter. She remembered being sung to sleep by her mother. She remembered when she was sick, her mom would sweep the hair from her sweaty forehead. This was her mother wasn’t she; she was her daughter, wasn’t she?

“Mom,” Eliza coaxed, her tone taking on a hysterical edge to it. “Please, it’s me, Eliza!”

“I don’t know you!” Her mother shouted in a way that Eliza had never heard before. “I don’t know you! I only have two kids. Willa and Kent! I don’t know who you are and I want you out of my house! Get out! Get out!” She was screaming and the pain in Eliza’s head sharpen from her screams.

“Listen please!” Eliza shouted, but her mom kept speaking over her. Kept yelling and with every yell, her head ached more and more. Flashes of images behind her eyes appeared and disappeared. The space, large and vast and home. Darkness, but not in a sense of color, because the galaxy was not dark. It was littered with stars, nebulas, and debris. Colors that swirled and burned. The metal ship. Home. Her parents. Her real parents. They were like her. Light that spiraled around their body like veins. Her mother, the real mother, leaning down to cup her face. Speaking in a language and Eliza never heard before, but it was like an old song that was lost in memory. Be safe. Protect yourself. The rest will find you.  They tucked her away in a small area. She was breathing heavily, her little heart pounding away in her chest. A bubble appeared around her, soft and elastic looking, but when she placed her hand on it; it was harder than any metal she felt.With one last look into the yellow eyes of her family and she was launched into space. The galaxy was frightening as much as it was beautiful. She was in awe of the stars and planets that surrounded her. She looked to left and right to see more bubbles launching out of ships. The children.  They were being sent away. Being saved. Then she entered an atmosphere and her bubble was crumbling away and it crashed into the terrain planet. Dirt and debris erupted from the ground and her protective bubble flickered before extinguishing. Her lungs seized from the foreign air, her skin prickled and she felt like she was dying, but like shifting tile, her flesh flared from the inside out to adjust to its new environment.

“What happened?” A voice whispered.

“Olive, don’t,” Another warned and her yellow eyes met two inhabitants of this new world. She took them in and her appearance rippled like a stone in water and adjusted to the appearance of them. Her gleaming veins sunk into her flesh and disappeared her skin darken from its powdery green color. Her yellow eyes, browned and pupil rounded. She mimicked their appearance. She projected memories, emotions of maternal and paternal instincts. Memories she copied from their own and inserted herself into them, but the crash landing and the throbbing in her head she projected not only to them, but onto herself also, wiping way her memories of her true self and of her home world.

“Eliza,” her mother admonished and picked up the toddler off the ground. “Don’t wander off.”

Eliza groaned as she bent over, her fingers threading through her hair. “What am I?”  Her mother? The woman was still screaming at her.

“Stop, yelling!” Eliza roared and suddenly Olive was being flung across the room. Kent screamed and sobbed as his mother’s arms left him. Olive’s body hit the wall with sickening thud. Her head hung loosely to the side as the dry wall around her cracked like a spiderweb. There was blood where her head hit the wall.

“Mom!” Kent sobbed and shakily crawled to his mom. The eight year old curled near his mother. He clung to her body. Eliza staggered back in horror. She was dead. She knew it, she couldn’t hear her breathing or her beating heart. Eliza could hear a calculating part of her mind whispering that she cracked her head open, but that wasn’t the cause of death. The force of Olive hitting the wall had snapped her neck. Eliza felt like she was going to vomit. She felt sick. The pillows off the ground began to float in the air, the remote, the table, the chairs. Everything began to lift off the ground. She had to get away, she needed to get away. Eliza ran from the room and once she left the house, she could hear everything fall to the ground. Her mind was spinning; she was hyperventilating. Oh God, she killed her mother. Where was she going to go?  She need to leave. She began to run toward the exit of their neighborhood, but a hand snagged her arm and pulled her to the side of a house. Body strung tight, she was ready to fight, but she saw the familiar eyes of Evan Dominguez.

“Evan?” She stuttered.

“Fuck Eliza,” He swore. “You really fucked this one up.”

“I,” She was confused and Evan smirked as his hazel eyes flickered to yellow, silted eyes.

“Yeah, I’m like you. I was supposed to keep an eye on you. We all change when we hit puberty. Welcome to the club, but you really made a mess of this.” Evan sighed and ran his hand through his curly, dark hair. “We need to get out of here. When our true selves come to we kind of black out places.” He grinned that pretty grin that would make her heart clench.  “Not to brag or anything, but I blacked out a whole damn city, but you kid? Fuck your parents must have been someone. You blacked out this town and the next damn two.” There was the sound of a siren and the loud engines. He pushed her lightly against the wall. “We got to go.” Evan said, suddenly serious.

“Where?” Eliza felt her stomach clench. Where do Aliens like them go?

“To HQ, dork.” Evan rolled his eyes as they bled to human, hazel eyes. “We need to go before the gov sends their people after us again.” Evan gripped her wrist tightly and before Eliza could say anything a police officer came around the corner, gun drawn.

“Freeze, hands where I can see them.” He ordered and Eliza was ready to comply, but Evan just smirked. He held his hand up, but his left hand was still around her wrist as he held both of them up. Then, both of their veins shone brightly and like fireflies, their bodies disintegrated in light swirling away.

Hello everyone, sorry for the long wait!

It’s time for Part Two of the Reader’s Choice Story!

Last time I only managed to get one suggestion for Part One of the Reader’s Choice Story so, obviously, that suggestion won! Big thanks to werrf for suggesting that something that Kayla bought was what protected her from the monster.

So, here we go again! Like last time, if you have any suggestions or ideas on what you think will happen or what you want to happen next, comment on the post. If you like a suggestion, like it! I’ll use the highest voted comment on the next segment of the story.(If you don’t know what happened last time, the previous segment is here.) (more…)


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And so we have come to the end of Vampire Week. There only three days til Christmas, (seriously? Only three already?) and most of the stories you’ll read set round Christmas are cheery, light, feel-good things. My novella isn’t one of them. Revenant is, well… a new fangled kind of Christmas story.

Here’s one last excerpt from my novella. And yes, that whole first paragraph was just a set up for the pun.

revenant final


Several minutes pass by. As Morissey starts to sarcastically mourn his girlfriend in a coma, a tall, gruff man in a leather jacket tries to get my attention.

“Sorry, what?” I ask, flicking out an earbud.

“You got a smoke?” He asks. I notice his fingertips and the whites of his eyes are a pale yellow color.

“No, sorry,” I say.

“You sure?” He smiles. I see two rows of yellow half-moons behind his lips.

“I’m sure.”

“That’s all right.”

I put the earbud back in and try to blot him out with the sounds of the next song on the album, but it’s not long before he’s trying to talk to me again.

“You takin’ the bus?”

“That’s why I’m sitting at a bus stop…”

“Oh, well yeah, I just meant, ya know, you’re pretty young for takin’ the bus solo.”

“I’m pretty good about handling myself.”

“You sure? You know, I got a car. Why don’t I drive ya home? That way you can stay dry, ya see what I’m sayin’?”

Yeah, red flags everywhere now. I stand up and grab my bag, trying to hide the fact that I’m growing scared, and start to leave. He stops me.

“Wait, wait. Where ya going? I thought you were taking the bus?” Another half-moon filled smile.

“Oh, you know, I really don’t actually need the bus after all.”

“Nonsense, you’ll freeze if you walk home. Let me drive you.”

“I’m really good. I don’t need that.” I don’t care about subtlety anymore, I’m moving away as fast as I can without all out running. A large hand grabs my shoulder and pulls me back. The man leans his face in right next to my ear and whispers “That was not an offer.”

“Let me go!”

“Aw, don’t be like that.”


“All right enough. Shut up.” Suddenly I feel something else pressing at me. Right on the small of my back. For a moment I think it’s his other hand, and then it dawns on me that it’s a knife. I feel my whole body go limp. People tell you you have two responses to danger: Fight and flight. I had tried flight, and now I was discovering that there are in fact, three responses to danger: Fight, flight, and surrender.

“That’s my girl,” he says.

“Please…” I can no longer manage anything but a whisper. “What do you want?”


My eyes catch something like a shadow moving on the road ahead, back the way I’d came. I think about crying out for help, but hold back. I think if I call out, I die. Besides, my eyes might only have been picking up on the rain moving.

The man turns me around and forces me to start walking up the road, away from Dodger’s house. I obey. I move as slowly as possible, scanning for anything that can save me;a passerby I could call to, a place to run. I see a few possibilities, but then I feel the knife at my back and decide it’s just too risky.

I sense something moving again. This time with my ears. Something’s moving behind us. A chill runs deep into my bones and I feel something there with us- not in the physical or mental sense of the word, but instead a pervasive, all-encompassing cloak. The air suddenly feels thick with it. It’s a feeling I had never felt before, yet somehow knew intimately.

I feel Death coming.

If you like what you read, or love vampires, or just want something to read this Christmas, check out my YA novella, REVENANT, available on amazon and kindle!

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Under the light of a full moon, an owl took flight, its long white wings spread out as if to cover the sprawling canopy of the forest beneath it from sight. Its feathers glowed in the moonlight as if they were giving light themselves. In its eyes were reflected, not just the forest and the small town that sat nestled against the forest’s edge, lights from the windows shining like a mirror image of the sky above it, but also a city that sat occupying the same space that the forest and town resided. Neither the inhabitants of the town nor the city sensed anything amiss.

The townsfolk stayed inside their houses, lit by flickering candlelight, not daring to risk the darkness outside and the city folk walked around underneath brightly lit neon signs, going to bars and nightclubs or just heading home after a long day at work. The city was dark, dingy and dirty. The sidewalks were littered with trash and plumes of smoke curled out from smokestacks that protruded out of large factories and from the tailpipes of cars that waited amongst a cacophony of horns for the light to turn. The only plant life to be seen in the city were sickly looking trees, planted in small patches of dirt left in the concrete. They sat equal distance from one another in an unnatural symmetry, struggling to absorb whatever nutrients remained in the once fertile soil.

Then, the city was gone, and only the forest and village remained reflected in the owl’s eyes. In the village, amongst the flickering candlelight, a single house’s windows shone with a steady, florescent white. A long wire stretched from the roof of the house and off into the distance and into the darkness of night, where the light from the village could no longer reach. The owl flew away, leaving behind a half finished nest in the boughs of one of the trees below, and disappeared over the crest of the nearby mountain that overlooked both the forest and the village and off into unseen lands.