The Land Between the Mountains

The air was dry and the dust clung to her boots. Only one ridge away, the land between the mountains stretched into the distance: green, silent, empty. There was nothing alive there. No birds in the sky, no snakes in the grass. Just death. She checked her pack. All her gear was there, though the... Continue Reading →

PSA: Please stop calling things “plot holes” when they’re f@#$%ing not.

Hi. I liked The Last Jedi. If you did not like The Last Jedi, that's cool. It's got its issues. There's issues with pacing and scenes that don't need as much screentime, and I'm undecided about the character of Rose and that, uh, thing she does to Finn which made him angry. I'm not gonna stand here and tell you... Continue Reading →

Candles in Winter

Pale icicles hung from leafless branches as Breda stood in the woods, wrapped in a grey cloak, eyes fixed upon the tower window. She saw the flare of a candle, bright as the first star. Words rushed through her head, memories falling like snowflakes. "It can't be. I'm promised to another." She remembered the tears... Continue Reading →

Invisible Smiles

A gloved hand brushed against pink paint. White chalk dust came away on Victoria's fingers. Scrawled upon the wall was a smiley face: so crude a child of five could have drawn it. Next to it were a series of lines, like tally marks. She had seen them before: at the school, at the houses,... Continue Reading →

The King of Bones

In the ruins of the hall, the mad king kept his court. His tapestries were crawling ivy, his musicians cawing crows. He sat upon a throne of skull and stone, his sunken eyes glowering at his subjects: foxes and badgers and feral cats, a snarling court of white-toothed beasts. Nobody came here, not anymore. He... Continue Reading →


Light shone out across the dark room, coming from the bathroom door. Funny, Keeley thought, I was sure I'd turned it off. Footsteps tapped on the tile. Humming rose up – off-key Sinatra. Keeley tensed, every muscle becoming rigid, the hairs on her neck standing on end. She grabbed a lamp and crept towards the... Continue Reading →

The Star-Stone

The elders told of how the stone arrived, trailing fire and smoke, kicking up clouds of dust as it slammed into the earth. They had understood that it must be a gift from the gods, sent from the stars like a streaking arrow. For a thousand years, it was a place of sacrifices: gold, silver,... Continue Reading →

An Impossible Accident

Emergency services buzzed around the car like flies around carrion. Police officers with notebooks out shouted at road safety workers, arguing about the importance of preserving the scene versus reopening the motorway. In the end, the police conceded and the car was hauled away. There was no evidence to be gathered, nothing but the testimony... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Discussion: We Bash the Internet and Cosmos, But For Once NOT Chibnall

Welcome to Living Authors' Society's Doctor Who Discussions. This week, we've called a special discussion to deal with the fact that parts of the Internet are, metaphorically speaking, currently on fire. Jaden: Emergency the Doctor is a woman discussion? JA: I mean, I don't know how much I have to say. Jaden: You mean this casting didn't literally... Continue Reading →

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