It’s Oscars Eve. Here’s my final, complete list of movie ratings from 2015

Plus quick reviews for the oscar nominated ones! Inside Out 9.4/10 All right, I'll shut up about this one. You know both J.A. Prentice and I love it. Spotlight 8.8/10 "Unfortunately for Spotlight, I tend to like Disney movies and hard sci-fi more than talk-heavy biopics, but of all the talk-heavy biopics I've seen, this may be my... Continue Reading →

Spotlight (2015) Review

Well, this one's a little late. I'd previously promised I'd do this several months ago, but I decided to hold off on it until we were right around the corner from the Oscars, as it is my pick (out of the nominees) for Best Picture of the year. The greatest trick a movie can pull... Continue Reading →

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