Quest for Atlantis: Heart of Atlantis (Part Five)

Prologue Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five: Heart of Atlantis Down the steam-cloaked steps we went. The walls were red-hot. All around us, everything hissed like an infernal kettle. A burst of blazing air sped from a pipe, hot enough to burn flesh. I stopped short just in time, my heart... Continue Reading →

Quest for Atlantis: Time of Atlantis (Part Four )

Prologue Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four: Time of Atlantis “Yes,” she replied. Her hand brushed through my hair. “And you could share it, Celeste Kavanaugh. The blood of empires flows in your veins as well. You could have your place in my court. You and your friends.” “Celeste!” Demetrios yelled. And this... Continue Reading →

SPF – Holding On

As she clung the underside of the car, the only thing Eve could think was that this wasn't a very good idea. Wind ripped at her, trying to pull her free, and she could feel her cold fingers losing their grip. No, she thought. I won't fall. I can't fall.  Focus. She tried to keep her eyes ahead... Continue Reading →

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