Arrival is a movie made for Interstellar’s (And The Martian’s) Critics

I think the only thing everyone can agree upon in regards to Interstellar is that it is one of the most polarizing movies of recent years. Look no further than this blog. J.A. Prentice adores it, while my reaction was more "meh." I wanted to like it because the movie was aiming to be one that married... Continue Reading →

Recapping the quality roller coaster that was The X-Files, Season 10

The X-Files credits usually end with a title card stating "The truth is out there." That was switched out in last night's season finale for the ominous "this is the end." The inclination: This is the end for X-files. The series' revival was advertised as a "six part event," without explicitly calling itself a one-off or attempt... Continue Reading →

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