Today’s Bargains

Buy one breathing mask, get one free for a child or family member! Get 20% off your next radiation treatment! Offers not valid in cities under martial law, territories outside the Protective Zone, or available to any citizen considered "non-desirable."  This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge and Artem... Continue Reading →

Outside the Window

For a moment, I imagine that my window has been replaced by one of those thin television screens, like you have at amusement parks. You're looking out the window and seeing crazy things, but they aren't really there. They can't really be there. It wouldn't be possible. But that's not what happened. The things happening... Continue Reading →

The Lucky Ones

He watched from the shoreline as the ships gathered in the bay, filling the sparkling marbled blue of the water. There was a barrier in front of him, telling him to go no further, and yellow lines on the ground, telling him that he had already gone too far. He wasn't supposed to be there.... Continue Reading →

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