Behold, A Mural of the Internet, by the Internet

    When reddit's annual April Fools Joke/Social Experiment was revealed to be a collaborative/competitive mural, it seemed like a project destined for disaster. Who would ever want the collective forces of the internet in charge of creating something like this? And the first few drawings seemed to be what everyone would predict: Penises, dickbutt,... Continue Reading →

FFfAW – Significance

"The thing about great works of art like this," he said, gesturing to the vibrant beauty of the domed ceiling, "is that they always make you feel small, don't they? They make you realize that the universe is so much bigger than one or two people." I nodded. I always just nodded when he got... Continue Reading →

Judging Books by Their Covers

Great prose may win awards. But great covers sell books. There's a reason why authors often spend months looking at options, revising and helping artists redraft concept art until reaching the final product. Hell, even the cover to my low key, self published e-book went through three iterations. People DO judge books by their covers.... Continue Reading →

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