Reader’s Choice Story

Hello people of the internet! I thought I would do something fun. I've written the beginning of a story here. It doesn't end, it merely stops mid-way through. I thought I would write this with the assistance of anyone who wants to participate. If you have ideas on where you want the story to go,... Continue Reading →

2 Months Since the Release of Spiral: A Death Foretold!

My mystery short story, Spiral: A Death Foretold, has now been out for two months! It's still available on Amazon Kindle for only 99¢ (US). You can explore teasers and related Flash Fiction on this blog by clicking on "Spiral" under "Categories." Millionaire actor Webster Dowling Blue knows that he will die at Midnight on... Continue Reading →

About Bree

My range of writing tends to branch out everywhere. I'm inspired by everything and sometimes my inspiration leads me writing different stories which results in several unfinished novels. Most of my stories are based off of continuous dreams I have. I write mostly science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural.I make most of my main characters people... Continue Reading →

A Fantastical Meeting

Hello all! It's been a while since I've posted and I feel bad for posting so little when my compatriots are posting left right and center so I thought I'd write out a scene I've thought of. Please feel free to leave comments on what you think of it. ******************************************************************************************************** It was just another Tuesday.... Continue Reading →

What do people want to see?

The posts we've made so far have featured a variety of writing-related content: poems, short stories, flash fiction, challenges, and reviews. I've been wondering about what I should write and post more of and I also thought I'd try out a bit of audience participation. So what do you, readers- and potential readers and people... Continue Reading →

About Evan

I enjoy writing large scale, fantasy/adventure style stories. I also particularly enjoy the classics and want to be able to create a new style story that still stays true to the classic fantasy style, if possible. However, experimenting with other genres is a must for me since I want to be an author that can... Continue Reading →

About Jaden

I like to ground my stories in the real world and then inject it with a touch of the strange or unnatural. I like to write about instinctual human fears: The Dark, unknown, death, loss, and dodge conventions when I can. My characters are not words on a page to me. They are children, and... Continue Reading →

About J.A. Prentice

Welcome to the Living Authors' Society blog! I'm J.A. Prentice. I always try to keep characters at the heart of my stories. I find that if one has a strong character with a distinctive personality and goals and desires of their own, writing the story comes easily. I also like to make sure that the world... Continue Reading →

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