What the Books See

Innocent as lambs, the books wait. Professor Lucas stares at the books, pushed against each other like vertebrae in a crooked spine, and wipes the sweat from his brow. With a shaking hand, he reaches up and pulls one down. He looks around like a frightened groundhog, heart racing so violently he thinks it might... Continue Reading →

Adventures of a Part Time Barista

Episode 3: Some Like it Too Hot There's a certain type of coffee-drinker us baristas loathe to encounter above all else. "I want a latte, one-hundred and ninety degrees, please." I'm not sure exactly what it is about 190 degrees, but that seems to be the magic number. Sometimes you'll get someone make a general... Continue Reading →

My Vacation Reading List

Just for a quick insight into my bizarre reading habits, this is what I read while I was traveling. American Gods by Neil Gaiman Star Trek: Deep Space 9: Mission Gamma Books 3 and 4 Scottish Myths and Legends Frankenstein by Mary Shelley A collection of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe

Opening Lines

Today on Living Authors Society, a lecture on macro-economics, specifically supply-side economics  versus Keynesian ideology. WAIT! WAIT! Don't close the tab. I'm kidding. As usual, this post contains thoughts on writing. Specifically, opening lines and their importance. What makes an opening line good? And just how important is a good first line, exactly? Last week... Continue Reading →

Judging Books by Their Covers

Great prose may win awards. But great covers sell books. There's a reason why authors often spend months looking at options, revising and helping artists redraft concept art until reaching the final product. Hell, even the cover to my low key, self published e-book went through three iterations. People DO judge books by their covers.... Continue Reading →

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