FFfAW – Desired Response

Stan had always loved his car. He thought it was bold, daring, creative, and, in his own words "the sort of thing that gets noticed in a crowd." It had been his dad's first, a rusty old thing that scarcely worked, but a few parts had seen to that. An artist friend and some cans... Continue Reading →

SPF – Simple

Roaring engines drowned out all else. The cars tore down the dirt track and it was as if a great storm had come, full of barking thunder and great clouds. And the lightning... She could feel the lightning in her: coursing through her mind, through her blood, through her heart, through her soul. It was... Continue Reading →

FFfAW- Customer Service

This is my entry for this week's Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Check out the prompt and other entries here. Word Count: 145 "There are laws against parking cars on the sidewalk," the store owner said, glaring at the vehicle outside. It was painted like a hippy's dream, a wooden crate of plants strapped down to... Continue Reading →

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