The Castle’s Shadow

Castle walls cast long shadows. Stones seeped in history stretched in long battlements upon the coast. You could almost see the soldiers watching over the channel for white sails over dark seas. Sometimes the locals swore it was more than almost. A baker saw a gaunt face in her misted window. He pressed his finger... Continue Reading →

The Last Knight

Each night, as the red sun dipped over the horizon, Lorena stood by the castle gates, looking out upon the moonlit moorland. Her sword was in her hand, the rings of her mail shone gold-bright, and her dark eyes glinted beneath her polished helm. The wind blew cold against her cheek and carried the whispers... Continue Reading →

FFfAW– Final Battle

Covered in dirt and blood, Grimhilt stood at the base of the stone stairs. The door had been closed behind her, held fast by an iron beam. Soldiers flung themselves against it, trying to break through. The hinges strained and the wood buckled, but the door stood strong. Grimhilt looked up the stairs to see... Continue Reading →

What Castle’s Best Episode can Teach us About Writing

If you've been living under a network TV rock, or perhaps have ventured into a futuristic world of streaming-and-premium channels only, perhaps you haven't seen or heard of Castle. In such an unlikely event, here's all you need to know: Castle is a procedural drama about a detective and a crime author teaming up to track down murderers.... Continue Reading →

Poem- Black Tower

This is a poem I wrote using some fantasy imagery. There's a bit of a story to it, but it's more of a scene. Black Tower Black stone tower stands over desolate wasteland Surrounded by death- lifeless rocks, leafless trees, fields of dirt Once there were great fields of dandelions, Vineyards of fertile vines, bearing... Continue Reading →

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