Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell To Earth – Spoiler-Free First Impressions

What's that you say? No witty title? Word count seems really short? That's because our Doctor Who discussions will shortly be regenerating into a more suitable form: the Podcast. We felt that the best way to proceed this series was to provide a brief "first impressions" overview post, followed by a more thorough discussion in... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Discussion: We Bash the Internet and Cosmos, But For Once NOT Chibnall

Welcome to Living Authors' Society's Doctor Who Discussions. This week, we've called a special discussion to deal with the fact that parts of the Internet are, metaphorically speaking, currently on fire. Jaden: Emergency the Doctor is a woman discussion? JA: I mean, I don't know how much I have to say. Jaden: You mean this casting didn't literally... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who?

In the wake of the tragic news that Series 10 will be Peter Capaldi's last, I am attempting to deal with the pain tearing me up from inside by speculating about the next incarnation of Time's Champion. Jaden C. Kilmer and I (J.A. Prentice) will each be providing our three favorites for the role in... Continue Reading →

Archived Chibnall Reaction Article

ARCHIVE NOTE: This article was written immediately after Chibnall's announcement. It does not necessarily reflect any reaction to his subsequent work or the current opinion of the writers. For more informed and nuanced opinions, follow our Doctor Who Discussion Podcast on the LAS YouTube channel.    J.A. Prentice's thoughts:  Moffat's departure from Doctor Who is a tragedy, but... Continue Reading →

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