The rainwater made the schoolyard shine like polished obsidian, glinting in the glimpses of golden light that shone through the wall of grey cloud. Erik stood alone, hood pulled up, bent under the weight of a backpack almost as back as him, and kicked at puddles. His friends– Aamina, Harith, and Firdos – weren't there... Continue Reading →

Alice in Wonderland: Logic Need Not Apply

Alice in Wonderland is my favorite book. Not a Johnathan Franzen novel, not Hemmingway, not Fitzgerald or Dickens or Orwell or anyone you'd expect a self-described writer to say. Alice in freakin' Wonderland. Some of you are probably going "...Why?" and some of you may be nodding your head in agreement. For the people in the former... Continue Reading →

FFftPP– Learning

Nothing is ever as easy as it looks. Adam had never realized before how much he took for granted. Reading had been part of his life for so long that he couldn't remember not being able to read. He couldn't remember struggling over each letter, trying to sound out the syllables. Like breathing, reading was just... Continue Reading →

A Writerly Obsession- Part 2

Below are a series of poems dealing with adolescence through the eyes of a children's book character- Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Adolescence and Alice in Wonderland make appearances in my novella REVENANT, on sale now at amazon and available for free with Kindle Unlimited. This is part of a series of pieces for Vampire Week in promotion. There's... Continue Reading →

FFfAW- Balloons

This week's Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers was a little harder to think of than usual, but I like a challenge. I ended up using younger versions of two characters I'd come up with for a novel as they seemed to be a good fit. You can find the original prompt here. Word Count: 150 Adam... Continue Reading →

About Jaden

I like to ground my stories in the real world and then inject it with a touch of the strange or unnatural. I like to write about instinctual human fears: The Dark, unknown, death, loss, and dodge conventions when I can. My characters are not words on a page to me. They are children, and... Continue Reading →

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