The Strike

It was at twelve-thirty-five on a Wednesday that the workers at the processing plant walked out. Their employer, a short man with a twitching little mustache, asked why and they told him that they hated the long monotonous hours, the low wages, the inadequate health care, the whine of the old machines, and the way... Continue Reading →

Cheap Rent

When Geoff had found out Kenton had used his money to buy them an office, the only thing that had kept him from strangling him was his wife holding him back, but when they arrived at the location, he had to admit it didn't look bad. "And how much did you say it cost?" Kenton... Continue Reading →

Sound Advice

Mostly, everyone in the town was rubbish. The sort of snooty, upper-class people who'd never give to a charity they couldn't write off on their taxes and who went through cars like toothbrushes and toothbrushes like tissues. They were always loud about the colours of cups and silent in the face of brutality. But there... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Walk

Henri prided himself on having a poet's mind. As he walked Byron, his dog – No, Hound, he thought, Hound has a better ring to it – under the verdant trees and the cloud-strewn sky, he began to think about his life and metaphors. Passing under the shadow of one tree, its pink flowers drifting... Continue Reading →

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