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It’s Tuesday and time for another Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! Check out the original prompt¬†here!¬†Photo prompt was provided by Sonya from Only 100 Words.



In the forever-instant before time began, there was an egg. This is what the story tells us.

What story? The story.

The eggshell was the color of sunrise and sunset, joy and sadness, love and hate.

Who laid the egg? No one. The egg was first, you see.

It cracked and time began. The seconds crept cautiously at first, like children learning to run.

The shell burst open and the peacocks emerged: one light, one dark. They were siblings and they competed like siblings do.

The black peacock made the night. The white peacock made the stars.

The black peacock made oceans. The white peacock made land.

They made all things, each greater than the last. At last, the white peacock made the creatures of the earth and was satisfied he could not be outdone.

So the black peacock made mankind, its great masterpiece.

The game was over and all things were made.