Shadow of the Enemy

The War is coming. They feel it in their bones. The shops are shut. Windows are barred. Mothers hold their children close. The streets are empty. A lone newspaper flutters on the breeze, drifting between abandoned cars. The War is coming. There has been no announcement on the radio. There has been nothing on the... Continue Reading →

Kingdoms in the Deep

There were things in the deep, things that walked on slimy legs beneath dark waters, their chants stirring fish and reeds. At night, when the fishermen's children watched from the windows, they could see the lights burning far below, like stars in the night sky. As they slept, they dreamt of that dark kingdom, of... Continue Reading →

Prisoners of the Silver Screen

A bitter wind whistled past the lonely marquee, stirring the fading posters. Inside, light flickered through the reels, strange shadows stretching between chairs. The reel ticked and whirred. Dust drifted across the ancient film, where black-and-white figures danced in an elegant ball-room, their sixteen-millimeter steps flawless but silent. But among them were a few whose... Continue Reading →

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