Follow That Car

Sam sat in his taxi as the raindrops pattered against the windscreen, looking up at the dim stars battling to be seen in an expanse of grey. The day had been as dull as any other. A woman leapt into the street, black coat flailing around her, her hand stuck out. He pulled over and she darted... Continue Reading →

Horizontal Babel

The Wall was raised over months of work, cement and barbed wire dividing one tongue from another, one people from another. Soldiers walked from one end to the other, their rifles clicked like beetle's pincers as the desert sand lapped at their boots. They didn't hesitate to fire. Their eyes were hidden behind black sunglasses:... Continue Reading →

Three Eyes of Fire

Three lights shone overhead, piercing the dark metal of the gates. Edgar avoided them, keeping to the shadows. Shadows were softer, safer. Shadows didn't pin you down and cut you. And the three lights became three staring eyes of fire, sweeping the cold stone towers for him. The metal fences gleamed like teeth, shook as... Continue Reading →

Quarantining Time

The decay came suddenly, as if years were passing in seconds, as if time had made some terrible mistake. Metal rusted; wood rotted; everything fell apart. Cassie ran, but an invisible barrier threw her back. It felt solid as steel. Everything froze, as if she was in a paused video. A groaning sound filled the... Continue Reading →

Warm Breath

That morning, as Carmine waited in the abandoned warehouse for his contact to show, he was surrounded by cold darkness, as if he was buried in a tomb. His breath rose into the air, warm steam spilling from his lips, then grew warmer and warmer until he realized that it wasn't just breath that was... Continue Reading →


At the edge of everything, where wild winds whipped over wine-dark waves and the air was cold as ice, he waited in his lighthouse. Only a narrow, snaking bridge of stone – a bridge few would ever be brave enough to cross – connected it to the shore. On moonless nights, when the waters were... Continue Reading →

SPF – Armour

Lieutenant Jeffries knelt in the trenches, watching the silent battlefield before him. It was a world of mud and blood and rain, a wet and murky place where the nights rang with laser fire and thunder. Lightning flashed over the distant mountains, barely visible through storm clouds and gas clouds. A bitter chill filled the... Continue Reading →

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