A Flock of Doves

From her balcony, she watches and listens to the revels. A boom like a cannon, then white shoots across the sky. Doves, she thinks. They look like doves. She remembers the dream of freedom. Broken chains and shattered collars. It drove her once, possessed her, made her inspire others. They became strong, filled with flame.... Continue Reading →

Poem- A Howl Like Thunder

Obsidian-black night Stained with crimson Wolf prowls Claws scraping at the rocks Eyes darker than the night Sharp claws and sharper teeth Flesh-tearers Flesh-biters Grey fur already matted with scarlet It hunts by the light of the moon Prey – unsuspecting, unprotected It pounces. Kills. Feasts. It raises its head and lets loose A howl... Continue Reading →

Poem- Cycle

Trumpets sound and gunshots ring Crimson blood splashes on dark earth The flag flies high as the warriors charge “Death or glory!” they cry   Crimson blood splashes on dark earth Dying they lie in the field “Death or glory!” they cry “Vengeance!” comes the reply   Dying they lie in the field A speech... Continue Reading →

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