No More Sky

Cold, night-black scales slithered over dusty gold. Two eyes burnt like stars trapped in amber, bright in the shadows. Foul breath swept like fog between pointed teeth. Ruined wings drooped limply on its back – splintered and skeletal, torn and crooked, like a tree caught in a lightning strike. She stared up from the cave... Continue Reading →

Another Tale of Dragons

Every child knows the story of the Black Dragon, whose body was as a mile-long serpent, whose wings were as sun-blocking clouds, whose fire laid waste to the lands. This is the dragon that people think of, the shadow that still hangs over their dreams a thousand years after his fall. But there is another... Continue Reading →

Remember the Dragons

Great wings, black as night, spread out across the sky, so vast that nothing could be seen through them, not even a shaft of starlight. Claws dug deep crevices in the dry earth and whole forests burnt, leaves glowing red and sun-bright, trees turning to ash, blown away on the breeze. Roars like thunder shook... Continue Reading →

War in the Heavens

Black clouds spread over rippling seas, over rolling hills of lively green, over ice-capped mountains tall and proud, seeking to cover the earth in a choking shroud. At their heart, the black dragon reeled to full, terrible height. He was a creature of endless midnight, come from the dark places beyond the earth, his eyes... Continue Reading →


I had yet to share any of my writing onto this blog (or to get back to work on it after recovering from a surgery), and am unable to share a full short story with this page. But this is a scene that came to me one day that I will hopefully be able to... Continue Reading →

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