A Slow Poison

The dying fish, schools of silver corpses washing up on the riverbank, were the first sign. Shades of grey rippled through the forest: trees discarding their leaves, branches withering, butterflies and flowers lying in heaps upon dry soil, and pale ash everywhere – in the choking air, piling on the ground, nestling upon leafless branches.... Continue Reading →

TLT – The Day the Cars Stopped

Even after the government ordered that the roads be cleared, it took the workers hours to haul them all away by hand. For the first few days after that, most people sat around, hoping they'd all start again, but it soon became clear no such miracle was coming. By the next week, they were all... Continue Reading →

SPF – Enough

Swaying and grunting under the weight, Maggie and Nick dragged the old furniture down into the creek. They trampled through grass and bushes, breaking flower stalks in half and pounding petals into the ground. Deep footprints sank into the mud. "This is a good place," Maggie said, coming to a stop. Nick nodded and let... Continue Reading →

FFftPP– A Legacy

“You lookin’ at me?” Paxton asked, waving an accusing finger. The deer head didn't react, possibly because it objected to his attitude, but most likely because it had been dead and stuffed for a long time. It was a family heirloom, shot by Paxton's grandfather, an industrialist with a great deal of money, free time, firearms,... Continue Reading →

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