In days before the rise of the sun, they danced in the endless shadows. Her laugh rang out and became the eldest star, burning brighter than any other. And when the world was forged, they raced along the burning fragments, singing as the magma cooled and the mountains rose. Then they were split asunder as... Continue Reading →

A Song of Waves and Steel

Mighty oars and mighty arms haul the longship across grey waves Bright prow towers o'er briny water Golden dragon's tongue is red like blood And along the curving hull round shields like scales lock They come as day breaks o'er the shore with splitting axe and slashing sword and cutting knife Before them sounds the... Continue Reading →

War in the Heavens

Black clouds spread over rippling seas, over rolling hills of lively green, over ice-capped mountains tall and proud, seeking to cover the earth in a choking shroud. At their heart, the black dragon reeled to full, terrible height. He was a creature of endless midnight, come from the dark places beyond the earth, his eyes... Continue Reading →

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