It’s Oscars Eve. Here’s my final, complete list of movie ratings from 2015

Plus quick reviews for the oscar nominated ones! Inside Out 9.4/10 All right, I'll shut up about this one. You know both J.A. Prentice and I love it. Spotlight 8.8/10 "Unfortunately for Spotlight, I tend to like Disney movies and hard sci-fi more than talk-heavy biopics, but of all the talk-heavy biopics I've seen, this may be my... Continue Reading →

Ex Machina- Review

Singularity is nothing new in the world of sci-fi. The idea of humans creating a machine with artificial intelligence so powerful as to be indistinguishable from human processing is something my personal heroes, Philip K Dick and Isaac Asimov, wrote about rather often. It seems a particularly popular subject right now, as two highly well... Continue Reading →

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