The Trees at World’s End

Nobody would watch the sheep at World's End. They knew what happened to those who stood too close to the fence under an unfriendly moon. But the Chief's sheep wouldn't watch themselves. And a Chief without sheep was no chief, not in those days. When the stranger came looking for a job, it seemed both... Continue Reading →

The Gifts of Dwarfs

Deep in the dark, dwarfs fashioned gifts for a mighty king: a candle that burnt with a light only the holder could see and a jar that held the wind. The gifts were put in the king's daughter's room to gather dust. His daughter grew. So did his enemies. There came a day when the... Continue Reading →

Secret Things

When he had captured the unicorn, he'd thought it would make him rich, that all the world would know his name, but it hadn't taken long for him to learn the truth. He had brought it before the television presenters, all those cameras staring, all those faces, and it had flickered like an old television... Continue Reading →

Poem – Moonlit Midsummer

She was the Grey Lady Keeper of Gates of Pearl and Obsidian She would watch forever-and-a-day And make sure nobody would ever breech those mighty walls But upon a moonlit midsummer's night When faerie queens and elven lords walked the darkened woods He came to her A simple man in simple clothes A lyre strung... Continue Reading →

Short Story- The Elf Queen

This is a short story I wrote, an attempt at a fairy tale style. It focuses primarily on my version of elves, who have more in common with the morally-ambiguous, often sinister elves of Medieval European mythology than the modern fantasy Tolkien-derived elves. I tried to stay away from getting bogged-down in specific geography and... Continue Reading →

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