The Trees at World’s End

Nobody would watch the sheep at World's End. They knew what happened to those who stood too close to the fence under an unfriendly moon. But the Chief's sheep wouldn't watch themselves. And a Chief without sheep was no chief, not in those days. When the stranger came looking for a job, it seemed both... Continue Reading →

The Cobbler

There is a story the cobbler tells about the faeries and the shoes. About how the kind faeries made the shoes by night with thread and needle, asking no reward. This is a lie. Anyone who knows anything about faeries knows they never do things from the kindness of their hearts. The cobbler and his... Continue Reading →

Another Tale of Dragons

Every child knows the story of the Black Dragon, whose body was as a mile-long serpent, whose wings were as sun-blocking clouds, whose fire laid waste to the lands. This is the dragon that people think of, the shadow that still hangs over their dreams a thousand years after his fall. But there is another... Continue Reading →


One step after the other. Feel the song. It's simple. Orange light streaks through the clouds. Like she's dancing on fire. The clouds are soft under her bare toes, rising up around her ankles. Below, cars, roads, and buildings drift past. Gravity-bound grids of ground-walkers. Most of them don't even look at the sky, shot... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Discussion: Sometimes a God Turns Into a Seal and You Just Gotta Deal With It

Welcome to this week's Doctor Who Discussion! Jaden C. Kilmer and J.A. Prentice discuss the latest episode The Eaters of Light, noteworthy for being written by a returning classic series writer, Rona Munro. Read on for our thoughts and spoilers. JA: I feel like your prediction from last week is going to be accurate. Jaden: I have... Continue Reading →

First Frost

The first of the winter frost clung to the trees as Anaheld walked under the looming branches, carrying firewood in her arms. Little drifts of snowflakes danced around her and her breath clouded in the frigid air. There came a soft sound from the dark trees and Anaheld turned to see a beautiful woman, pale... Continue Reading →

Poem – Moonlit Midsummer

She was the Grey Lady Keeper of Gates of Pearl and Obsidian She would watch forever-and-a-day And make sure nobody would ever breech those mighty walls But upon a moonlit midsummer's night When faerie queens and elven lords walked the darkened woods He came to her A simple man in simple clothes A lyre strung... Continue Reading →

Judging Books by Their Covers

Great prose may win awards. But great covers sell books. There's a reason why authors often spend months looking at options, revising and helping artists redraft concept art until reaching the final product. Hell, even the cover to my low key, self published e-book went through three iterations. People DO judge books by their covers.... Continue Reading →

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