Strange Skies

The sky was strange in the Cursed Land that day. The people shielded their eyes and asked the hero Petromir to sort it out. Petromir was a hero in the traditional sense, which meant he had more swords than braincells and solved his problems by hitting them, which worked well when your problems were monsters but... Continue Reading →

Running Through the Waters

Saera heard the rush of the waterfall before she saw it, bursting from the thick of the woods and onto the steep riverbank. Behind her came shouts and the metallic jingling of swords and mail. They were coming for her, to slay her as they slew her mother and sisters. But this was the wild.... Continue Reading →

Shadow Queen

There is a power in trees deeper than that of kings, a power in the gnarled and reaching branches, in the winding of ancient roots. The elders said that there were trees yet living that had known the world before the coming of their people, with axe and fire and nations gleaming in their minds.... Continue Reading →

Memories of the Sea

She loved the sea-things the best: the sponges, the shells, the seaweed. She kept them on a little table where she could always see them. But they were sad things too. The sponges were dry. The seaweed was brittle. The shells were hollow as promises. How she hated promises. How she hated her life. A... Continue Reading →

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