Empty Places

The market store had sat empty so long the town's children couldn't remember it any other way. The store rotted, windows hammered up with boards, paint flecking away, the sign fading letter by letter. There was always talk of someone buying it, opening it up again, bulldozing it, selling the land for housing, but nothing... Continue Reading →

Strange Skies

The sky was strange in the Cursed Land that day. The┬ápeople shielded their eyes and asked the hero Petromir to sort it out. Petromir was a hero in the traditional sense, which meant he had more swords than braincells and solved his problems by hitting them, which worked well when your problems were monsters but... Continue Reading →


Ohwonoh stuck the antenna into the carton and set it carefully next to the plastic steak. His lip motors twitched. Perfect. Ohwonoh was an eccentric even by the standards of his model. He had developed a taste for what he described as "an authentic lifestyle, in the model of the Creators." Faith in the Creators... Continue Reading →

The Cobbler

There is a story the cobbler tells about the faeries and the shoes. About how the kind faeries made the shoes by night with thread and needle, asking no reward. This is a lie. Anyone who knows anything about faeries knows they never do things from the kindness of their hearts. The cobbler and his... Continue Reading →

The Nowhere Road

The map was utterly blank for five miles: no services, no towns, nothing but the road winding through the misty moor. It was an odd sort of road, a lonely road, laid without any real need or purpose in a fit of infrastructural zeal, stringing together little towns like paste-fake pearls. Hardly anybody used the... Continue Reading →

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