Places to Visit After the End of the World

If you ever find yourself near the Cinder, the Museum of What Was is a must see. Marvel at the recreations of this bygone world. Weep when you see the remnants of this noble civilization, reduced to ash in a single afternoon. We have in our collection numerous objects of interest to the discerning traveller.... Continue Reading →

Emergency Protocols

In the old and hallowed town hall (built in 1987 from a design by an uninspired architect who was having a bit of an off day), behind determined "No Entry" signs, ┬áthe mayor and the city elders met to discuss the crisis. The incoming missile (launched seven minutes earlier following a misunderstanding about a pack... Continue Reading →

Last Ones on the Ferry

The ferry captain prided himself on regularity. "Keep to a schedule, that's the main thing," he said. "Everything else will fall into place." The ferry made its passage across the channel three times a day, four times on Saturdays, and never deviated from the schedule by so much as a second, rain or shine. Naturally,... Continue Reading →

The American Dream

The portal first opened on an otherwise unremarkable Tuesday afternoon. By six that evening, it was all over the news. A door to an unspoiled landscape of craggy mountains and vast seas under a maroon sky. An important meeting was called the moment the President was done playing golf. He glared at his advisors the... Continue Reading →

Lost in Clouds

When he felt lost, he always went to the museum and looked up at the plane. So bright. So bold. So proud. It knew what it was. It knew where it should be. He didn't. Not anymore. The world beneath his feet felt insubstantial and uncertain as cloud. Wherever he looked, there was nothing but... Continue Reading →

Set Your Clock

Each day he stands by the window and watches, his eye upon the hands of the watch. The lamps flicker, casting shadows across the street. Footsteps echo on the cobbles. A spider scuttles across the cobweb, long legs dancing on thin threads. Each day, the times are the same. Everything in this world happens on... Continue Reading →

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