The Trees at World’s End

Nobody would watch the sheep at World's End. They knew what happened to those who stood too close to the fence under an unfriendly moon. But the Chief's sheep wouldn't watch themselves. And a Chief without sheep was no chief, not in those days. When the stranger came looking for a job, it seemed both... Continue Reading →

Follow That Car

Sam sat in his taxi as the raindrops pattered against the windscreen, looking up at the dim stars battling to be seen in an expanse of grey. The day had been as dull as any other. A woman leapt into the street, black coat flailing around her, her hand stuck out. He pulled over and she darted... Continue Reading →

Night Bus

The bus moves slowly, grinding its way along the forgotten roads, the long, silent stillness of the in-between. There is nothing for miles, nothing but the road. Night has fallen long ago, black shadows stretching over barren earth. The road is cracked and full of potholes. White and yellow lines have long faded to near-invisibility.... Continue Reading →

In A Cave By The Ocean

Saphire-blue waves kissed the green-tinged stone of the cliff. An opening loomed in the rocks, a gaping jaw that led only into grim labyrinths. Velloa felt the weight of the shadows and the moistness of the air. Her boat was naught more than a battered hull with a split mast and ragged sail. Across the... Continue Reading →

Horizontal Babel

The Wall was raised over months of work, cement and barbed wire dividing one tongue from another, one people from another. Soldiers walked from one end to the other, their rifles clicked like beetle's pincers as the desert sand lapped at their boots. They didn't hesitate to fire. Their eyes were hidden behind black sunglasses:... Continue Reading →

Is it worth it?

Standing on the threshold, fingers on rusty metal, you wonder whether to take that last step. Once you go forward, there is no turning back. You have forgotten everything: family, friends, love, loss. Every moment from birth until five days ago is a blank, a haze of impenetrable gray. The memories have slithered away like... Continue Reading →

A Made Thing

They had made him. Whatever – whoever – he had been before, he no longer was. They had shaped him and twisted him, turned him into their soldier, their superman. His jet black skin, harder than diamonds – that was them. His sculpted muscles, like some Renaissance statue – that was them. His hatred, his... Continue Reading →


The road wound like a snake over the treetops. A soft wind blew through the leaves. It was a lonely spot, tranquil and serene. The cars raced in, streaks of red and blue, tires etched black trails into the road, engines roaring and squealing. The trees quivered like frightened children. Eve's foot was pressed to... Continue Reading →

Fine Dining

"Refinement," Albert said, raising his glass high. "That's what's missing from society these days. A sense of class. Culture." Light glinted on the rim of the round glass and danced over the little ripples in the golden wine. Albert watched it in silence for a moment, studying each little movement. The wine's aroma filled his... Continue Reading →

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