100 Stories In 100 Days

Having been miserably incompetent in any sort of writing achievement for about a year, I was in need of some sort of plan to try and make up for lost time. Working on a longform story is fun, but I'm at that point where I want to market my stories to places, and generally it's... Continue Reading →

There is a Grey Door

There is a grey door in the castle. Nobody asks what is behind it. Sometimes, sleepers in their cold rooms, shivering in the winter wind, wake up with sweat beading upon their foreheads. They've dreamed of Her, the woman behind the grey door: old and young, beautiful and horrifying, weaving a robe from cobwebs and... Continue Reading →

Dying of the Light

Orange light splits the evening sky, dancing through the shadows of dark clouds.The sun is falling, drawn gradually down beneath the horizon. He stands upon a high hill, watching it all: the waters sparkling with soft orange, the black silhouettes of the trees, the sky glowing like a world on fire. You have until sunset.... Continue Reading →

War in the Heavens

Black clouds spread over rippling seas, over rolling hills of lively green, over ice-capped mountains tall and proud, seeking to cover the earth in a choking shroud. At their heart, the black dragon reeled to full, terrible height. He was a creature of endless midnight, come from the dark places beyond the earth, his eyes... Continue Reading →

Quarantining Time

The decay came suddenly, as if years were passing in seconds, as if time had made some terrible mistake. Metal rusted; wood rotted; everything fell apart. Cassie ran, but an invisible barrier threw her back. It felt solid as steel. Everything froze, as if she was in a paused video. A groaning sound filled the... Continue Reading →

The Lucky Ones

He watched from the shoreline as the ships gathered in the bay, filling the sparkling marbled blue of the water. There was a barrier in front of him, telling him to go no further, and yellow lines on the ground, telling him that he had already gone too far. He wasn't supposed to be there.... Continue Reading →

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