A Prison in Pink

Rooms in a wall – same size, same shape, only the the slightest difference in color, the most individuality allowed, windows so small nobody could ever see in– stretched on in both directions. Inside, they sat in their cells: eating, breathing, thinking, hoping, waiting. At night, they tapped against the walls in the secret language... Continue Reading →

This Too Shall Pass

The King – oppressor of nations, spiller of blood, slaughterer of innocents – stood upon the balcony, looking over the colorful peaked roofs. His voice was furious as he spoke to the prophet behind him: old, beaten, bruised, still refusing to bow. "You say that I will fall," the king mocked. "But I am like... Continue Reading →


It was a quiet, out of the way place. McCarthy didn't mind. After everything, he had wanted a place like this, a place where he could be alone. Grey streaks marked where the paint had worn away, subjected to years of wind and rain, and a soft wind rustled the dying grass. Then there came the... Continue Reading →

How Things Changed

Seeds and orange gunk fell on the white tile, discarded results of his butchery. Putting down the knife, he looked at the carved pumpkin, at the cruel cuts and jagged edges. When she had been there, the pumpkins had seemed beautiful and his carving had been loving, but now they were just pictures of his... Continue Reading →


They met in the forgotten places, amidst overgrown fences and cracked cement, so that was where she waited for them. She tried to tame her unwashed curls of brown hair and smooth her ragged green hoodie. "Hey," a voice said and she turned to see a young man with skin like the earth and hair... Continue Reading →

Four Minutes

The image flashed on the screen: the palacae, the golden statue, the green of the trees. It all seemed so quiet, so serene, so normal. "You understand, of course," the man in the golden mask explained, turning to look at his bound prisoner, "that they will not even have the time to feel fear before... Continue Reading →


At the edge of everything, where wild winds whipped over wine-dark waves and the air was cold as ice, he waited in his lighthouse. Only a narrow, snaking bridge of stone – a bridge few would ever be brave enough to cross – connected it to the shore. On moonless nights, when the waters were... Continue Reading →

Gifts of the Sea

The fisherman sat down in the chair, feeling it creak under his weight. He looked at the shelves, full of little things fished from the sea, and remembered the most precious thing he'd found. She had been beautiful: eyes like the storm, hair like sea foam. He had tried to make her stay, even stole... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Walk

Henri prided himself on having a poet's mind. As he walked Byron, his dog – No, Hound, he thought, Hound has a better ring to it – under the verdant trees and the cloud-strewn sky, he began to think about his life and metaphors. Passing under the shadow of one tree, its pink flowers drifting... Continue Reading →

Ravens Three

James sat by the bird feeder, his eyes closed, breathing in and out. The cylinder swung back and forth in the breeze, rocking on the black hook. A blackbird landed nearby, regarding it with a quizzical eye. "Go away," James said, not opening his eyes. "This isn't for you." The blackbird took off. Perhaps, James thought,... Continue Reading →

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