Strange Skies

The sky was strange in the Cursed Land that day. The┬ápeople shielded their eyes and asked the hero Petromir to sort it out. Petromir was a hero in the traditional sense, which meant he had more swords than braincells and solved his problems by hitting them, which worked well when your problems were monsters but... Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Would Not Shoot At Birds

They laughed at the boy who would not shoot at birds, who would not even hold the gun in his hand. They laughed as the birds came crashing down, one, two, three, squawking bloody messes of broken bones and crumpled feathers. It's weakness, the instructor said, hand like concrete on the boy's shoulder, squeezing bones... Continue Reading →

The Nowhere Road

The map was utterly blank for five miles: no services, no towns, nothing but the road winding through the misty moor. It was an odd sort of road, a lonely road, laid without any real need or purpose in a fit of infrastructural zeal, stringing together little towns like paste-fake pearls. Hardly anybody used the... Continue Reading →

Last Ones on the Ferry

The ferry captain prided himself on regularity. "Keep to a schedule, that's the main thing," he said. "Everything else will fall into place." The ferry made its passage across the channel three times a day, four times on Saturdays, and never deviated from the schedule by so much as a second, rain or shine. Naturally,... Continue Reading →

A Sky Like This

They are young and the sky is wild and swirling grey, electric with dreams of storm and thunder. "We should get inside," she whispers. "It's going to rain." "Then let it rain," he answers. "We won't let it spoil our day." They are older and the sky is clear and blue and empty. "I'm sorry,"... Continue Reading →

The American Dream

The portal first opened on an otherwise unremarkable Tuesday afternoon. By six that evening, it was all over the news. A door to an unspoiled landscape of craggy mountains and vast seas under a maroon sky. An important meeting was called the moment the President was done playing golf. He glared at his advisors the... Continue Reading →

A Cold Eternity

During the long cold nights, she liked to remember summer: the warmth of the sun on her skin, the lake a wavering war of light and darkness, leaves green on the reaching branches of the young trees, birdsong in the air. In the ice, there were no lake, no leaves, no branches, no birdsong, and... Continue Reading →

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